Making of Seti Maar: See how Salman Khan and Disha Patni’s songs were shot

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s film Radhey: Your Most Wanted Bhai is scheduled to be released on Eid day this month. Fans are eagerly waiting for the film. Some time ago, the film’s worn song, Siti Maar, was released on YouTube. In this song, Salman and Disha Patani also showed superb chemistry and great dance moves. Salman also did a step in the song using direction like Dumbl which was liked by all. Now the director of the film said that it was Salman Khan’s decision to do so.

Makers has released a making video of the song. In this, Prabhudeva said that, this song is completely a dance song. At the same time, he told about Salman’s move in the song that, while we were shooting the song, suddenly Salman said, “I take a step in which I will do weightlifting by making the direction dumbbell.” Therefore, the entire credit for this step goes to Salman.


Working with Salman is always fun – Disha

While Disha also shared her experience of working with Salman. He said that working with Salman Sir is always fun. Whenever they work, it seems that they do not care about the world, they just focus on their work. And this is what sets them apart. I think this is their swag. What else can anyone do? Regarding the kissing scene in Radhe, he has said that Salman has not broken his promises. When Salman kisses direction, a piece of tape is attached to the direction lips.

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