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Subhash Kapoor chose complex work. He first took a character from real life to create the story. Mayawati is the biggest leader of Dalit politics. Then he starts telling in the story that the star (Richa Chadha) whom he is showing is not Mayawati. In fact, he failed in both cases. Mayawati’s biopic has been the subject of speculation in political and film circles for years. It would have been fine if a biopic was made on Subhash Kapoor. The history of Indian politics of the last three decades cannot be written without Behenji. Sometimes on Mayawati, who was once considered a prime ministerial contender, Subhash Kapoor, along with his traditional film Kalpana, made Madam the chief minister and at present ended the original theme of her biopic.

It would be better if you forget Mayawati incident while watching the film. However, this is difficult to do. Madam Chief Minister is the story of an energetic, stubborn Dalit girl from UP who rides a bike. She dresses like a boy. He has his hair cut like boys. But the love and pregnancy betrayal by golden lover Indramani Tripathi (Akshay Oberoi) changed her way of life. He has no political dream but the entry of senior leader Master Surajbhan (Saurabh Shukla) leads the way in politics.

Madam Chief Minister Review: Maya Mili Na Ram, this is what you will feel after watching the film

Tara, who distributes tea in meetings, proves to be the most competent in the party and reaches the chief minister’s chair in the state’s politics, upsetting the party’s seniors and opponents. Those who win elections by joining hands with him in politics soon turn against him and the bullets are fired. Here again Tara’s life changes and she marries Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Danish Rahman Khan (Manav Kaul). But politics is another name for deception and conspiracy. Things change rapidly around the stars. Both his chair and his life are in danger. But she deftly challenges.

Madam Chief Minister Review: Maya Mili Na Ram, this is what you will feel after watching the film

With the exception of a few scenes, Subhash Kapoor stands on a straight film field forgetting Dalit issues, Dalit empowerment, casteism, votebank politics, feticide and women exchanges. He forgets that his heroine is a Dalit, there are social issues in his struggle. Subhash Kapoor portrayed UP’s 1990s characters, events and coalition politics in his own way. Tara’s political instincts or early struggles are nowhere to be seen and for this young woman who has just become a new leader, politics begins to melt like butter on hot bread. The plot begins in the film and the political tension between Tara, between distributing bicycles to girls, laptops to girls, is bloody. Here Madam Chief Minister turns into a simple revenge story. Had the director not shown Tara as a Dalit, the story would have made no difference. The song and music also turn into slogans and noise. The film does not look like stranded Ray Obama and Subhash Kapoor who made Jolly LLB. The film turns politics into a thriller despite being very loud.

Madam Chief Minister Review: Maya Mili Na Ram, this is what you will feel after watching the film

Subhash Kapoor periodically tried to put small incidents in the script, so that the thrill remained. But those events add little to the main story. With Richa Chadha at the center, he is given a ‘hero’ style, but cannot last long. The strength of Tara’s personality dominates the making of the story. As the story of Tara’s journey progresses, it becomes filmy. Manav Kaul’s character definitely creates some thrill in the story and Master Surajbhan loses his luster as Saurabh Shukla. The sentimentality of Tara and Mastrji’s relationship is also attractive at times. Akshay Oberoi is a great actor and he often does justice to his roles. Here too he is doing negative politics as Savarna leader and lover of Tara. There is nothing in the film that can be seriously debated. But if Subhash Kapoor made more films like this, his seriousness would definitely be questioned.

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