Latest episode of Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses, Bogilal is buying Jethalal’s property, now what will happen next

In the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Jethalal has been troubled for quite some time. About his work business. If Bogilal had no money, it was time to sell the shop, but when Bapuji showed the way, Jethalal agreed to sell the village land. But now there is a new twist in the story. The person who is showing interest in buying Jethalal’s land is none other than Bogilal. Now the question is, when Bogilal did not have the money to pay Jethalal’s debt, how did he go out to buy land worth millions?

Is Bogilal a fraud?

So is Bogilal a fraud? Does he lie to Jethalal that he has gone bankrupt? Did he not want to give money to Jethalal? Now all these questions are being asked not only by Jethalal but also by the fans of this show. In fact, it is Sundar Lal who has done the land deal for Bhachau and nobody who buys Jethalal’s land is Bogilal. Now when Jethalal came to know about this, the land would be slipped from under his feet and now the people of Gokuldham are making all plans to trap Bogilal again.

Will Bogilal fall into the trap?

Now the question is whether Bogilal will fall into this trouble. Because he is very clever and has fooled Jethalal once before. Now when Bogilal himself goes ahead and reaches Jethalal’s house to finalize the deal, will the people of Gokuldas catch him. Whether this will happen or not, it will be known in the coming week, but one thing is clear that there will be a lot of uproar in the show.

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