Krishna Abhishek Govinda says on relationship with uncle, such news makes me sad Krishna Abhishek talks about his relationship with Mama Govinda.

Actor-comedian Krishna Abhishek has always been in controversy over his relationship with his uncle actor Govinda. There are many headlines between them about bitterness. However, Krishna says that his statement is often distorted.

In a special conversation with the media, Krishna says, “It has happened many times that when I said something about my uncle, some part of the statement was distorted. Like if I say that I love Govinda very much, but why is he doing this to me. Then the last line is revealed only after the news headlines are made. “

Krishna continues- “It makes me sad. I think what I want to say is distorted by other people. It also creates misunderstandings. Even if you make a general statement, the small part of it is distorted. ”

Krishna OMG: He is to be seen as an anchor in the seventh season of “Yeh Mera Bharat”. According to Krishna – “Such negative news affects their relationship. “This has happened two or three times,” he says. Once there was an issue with John Abraham but the real thing never came to the fore. Negative news regarding the relationship with the maternal uncle has increased the controversy manifold. I think I should have stayed on Instagram instead of talking to the media. But I can not do that. Because if I did, people would think what happened to me. “

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