Know why Rakhi got married to Gulzar

Many weddings in Bollywood did not last and fell apart. Rakhi and Gulzar were married. The marriage of the duo lasted for only one year and then they attended forever. Rakhi and Gulzar were married on 15 May 1973. After this, in December 1973, daughter Meghna was born. After the birth of his daughter, a period of discord began in his life.

Gulzar did not accept this as a condition of Rakhi, so the marriage broke down within a year

According to media reports, Gulzar wanted Rakhi to stop working in films, while Rakhi did not want to do so. Rakhi convinces Gulzar to change her mind and in this affair, she rejects many of the best scripts. Gulzar did not listen and then Rakhi separated from him. After the marriage broke up, Rakhi started living an anonymous life. In an interview, he said, “It was my choice to be alone in vulgarity. Although there were 19 people in my family, I used to separate myself at home. Kitty party etc. I felt it wasting time. Instead I V Shantaram, Sohrab Modi, Mehboob Khan and K. Used to watch morning shows of Asif’s films. When I was surrounded by congestion in Mumbai, I used to visit my farmhouse in Panvel. ‘

Gulzar did not accept this as a condition of Rakhi, so the marriage broke down within a year

By the way, both Rakhi and Gulzar may now be separated, but they still have a good bond. In an interview, Gulzar said that even now when she had to eat a fish curry made of rakhi, she would give him a sari as a bribe as if she lived with him as a gift.

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