Kishore Kumar is aware of his elder brother Ashok Kumar at the age of 4

Kishore Kumar was one of the rare singers of Hindi cinema who was also a lyricist, composer, actor, director and producer. Number 4 is very important in the life of Kishore Kumar who was born in Madhya Pradesh. Born on August 4, he was the fourth of four siblings and coincidentally married 4 times in his life. Kishore Kumar married first Ruma Devi, second Madhubala, third Yogita Bali and fourth Leena Chandravarkar.

Let’s talk about his childhood, when Kishore Kumar was one year old, his elder brother Ashok Kumar had to go out for studies. Because of this, Kishore Kumar felt that he had only three siblings. When he was 4 years old, Ashok Kumar came home on leave. At that time, Kishore was completely unaware of his elder brother. So when my elder son came home after years, his mother fell in love with him. Mother lovingly made kheer and filled a big bowl and put it in front of Ashoka.

Kheer Kishore Kumar also liked it very much. Seeing this kind of behavior of mother, Kishore Kumar angrily asked, ‘Mother, what are these big people, do you love me now?’ Hearing this, the mother said, son, this is your great-grandfather Ashoka. Ashoka then called his younger brother and hugged him. Then a relationship developed between the two. That day Kishore Kumar came to know that they are not three but 4 siblings.

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