Karthik Aryan will not become another Sushant, read Warne’s Twitter Twitter Reaction | Twitter Reaction: Fans get angry after removing Karthik from the film

Sharing a post on social media on Friday evening, Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions has said in an official statement that actor Karthik Aryan has been removed from his upcoming film. Subsequently, allegations of nepotism against the production house have started appearing on social media. A section of users has compared the situation of Karthik Aryan to the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who was allegedly a victim of nepotism.

He said that Karthik is being targeted for not being an insider like Sushant. Fans have also warned to boycott Dharma Production’s upcoming film Dostana 2.

Dharma Productions has taken this decision due to Karthik’s unprofessional behavior. A statement released by Dharma Productions also stated that he will be re-cast for the film Dostana 2 and an official announcement in this regard will be made soon.

However, comments were soon banned on the comment section on Dharma Productions’ official Twitter account and users have not yet been able to tweet. But users on various social media platforms vented their anger on the matter.

Commenting on Dharma Productions’ post on Facebook, a user said that you did this once with an artist from Phis. The user said that Karthik will not become another Sushant and will not let this happen. The user said that Sushant’s case was different as no one was aware of his trauma, but now the time has changed.

On social media, the user also warned to boycott the upcoming film.

Another user wrote that repetition apparently means another star kid. As always, work is being done to promote nepotism.

One user wrote, outright boycott! Karthik does not need anyone. He is a self-star .. He is a superstar.

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