Karan Johar Shahrukh Khan Kareena Kapoor Khan replaced Preity Zinta for the movie Kal Ho Naa Ho

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her looks and innocence. Kareena is currently seen opposite Aamir Khan in the film Lal Singh Chadha. Along with this, Kareena is an actress in the film industry who is also known for her friendship, but once she had a fight with Karan Johar after which the two did not talk for 9 months.

Both Kareena and Karan will be seen in the film Takht. However, the film’s shooting has been suspended due to the corona virus. Karan has written an anecdote in his autobiography, The Unsuitable Boy, ‘My first problem with Kareena was that she demanded a lot of money to do the film and we were in a difficult time at that time. Will you befriend me? It was just released. Aditya Chopra’s assistant had made it a big flop film. ‘

Karan said that Kareena Kapoor had demanded the same amount of money from Shah Rukh Khan at that time. Karan wrote, “We offered Kareena the film ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ on the weekend of the film ‘Kal Ho Na Muje’ and as much as she asked for money from Shahrukh Khan, I called her ‘sorry’.”

Karan Johar further explained how he signed Preity Zinta in place of Kareena, ‘I was very upset. I told my father, ‘Leave this conversation.’ I called Kareena. He did not answer my call and I said that we are not taking him. So we signed Preity Zinta instead of Kareena. Kareena and I have not spoken to each other for almost a year. was a child. She is about 10 years younger than me. ‘

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