Kangana Ranaut was trolled by giving a statement on Shahrukh Khan. Kangana trolled by giving a statement on Ranaut Shahrukh Khan, she said

On this occasion, Kangana once again said something that gave a shock to the social media users. After which Kangana was trolled on social media. Actually, Kangana tweeted the completion of 15 years of the film Gangster. In this tweet, he compared Shahrukh Khan and himself. He, meanwhile, also mentioned Shah Rukh Khan’s parents. Which was not liked by Shahrukh Khan’s fans and Kangana was seen trolling.

Kangana mentions Shahrukh’s parents

Actually, Kangana Ranaut tweeted that the gangster was released on the same day 15 years ago. Shahrukh Khan and I have the biggest success stories. But Shah Rukh Khan is from Delhi, studied at the convent and his parents have also been involved in films. On the other hand, I did not know a single word of English, nor did I study and I came from a remote village in Himachal Pradesh.

The fight continues today – Kangana

Kangana Ranaut further wrote that every step of mine was part of a fight with my father and grandfather, which made my life extremely sad. And even after 15 years of such success, the fight continues every day. Thanks to all of you.

Twitter users angry on Kangana

Kangana’s tweet mentioned Shah Rukh Khan’s parents to fans. A Twitter user asked in the comments that Shah Rukh’s parents were involved in the films, but when did that happen. On the other hand, other fans wrote where do you get this courage from? However, in her own interview, she has stated several times that she is trending in her own theater. In this case, their claim is not being digested by the users. Talking about Kangana’s work front, she will soon be seen in Jayalalithaa’s biopic Thalaivi.

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