Kangana Ranaut Taapsee Pannu says she does not need a built-in film Kangse Ranaut was asked by Taapsee Pannu to be called a B grade

Taking a dig at social media, Kangana Ranaut tightened her grip on Taapsee Pannu. Recently, Taapsee Pannu on her Twitter handle once again shocked Kangana Ranaut. After which ‘Panga’ started between Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu. On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut had targeted Tapsee Pannu, calling Tapsee a B grade actress and earlier she also said, ‘People like Tapsee will say that she has no problem with nepotism. He likes Karan Johar, but still B grade actresses like you, who look good, why don’t they get a job. ‘

Recently a fan of Taapsee Pannu tweeted in his favor saying, ‚ÄúThese days, Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt have many big films. On the other hand, Taapsee Pannu also has many great films. ‘After which Tapali Pannu responds to this tweet and writes,’ Thanks Rahul, but I don’t think I need to be a part of big movies. I believe in being a part of good stories. ‘

These days Taapsee Pannu has many big films in the pipeline. Also, the actress has recently completed shooting for her upcoming film ‘Rashmi Rocket’, which Tapsee Pannu herself shared on social media and revealed to her fans. Meanwhile, Taapsee is now busy preparing for her upcoming film ‘Shabash Mithu’, a photo of which she shared on the story of her Instagram account.

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