Kangana Ranaut likes a tweet, in which Sonu Sood has said that using the epidemic for money is a fraud. Kangana Ranaut liked Sonu Sood’s tweet as a fraud, user writes

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on Twitter and is known for her fearless tweets. She has been surrounded by her tweets many times. Kangana and actor Sonu Sood have also clashed on Twitter many times but it seems that it will never end. Once again, both have come face to face.

In fact, a Twitter user shared a picture of Sonu Sood in which Sonu Sood is supporting oxygen concentrations. As we also know that oxygen concentration is saving millions of lives in Delhi and India. It is lacking in hospitals. An oxygen concentrator costs millions of rupees.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted-

The user shared a picture of Sonu Sood and wrote, “Oxygen concentrations are making money of 2 lakh rupees using the epidemic. This is a big fraud.” This tweet of the user has been liked by 2700 people including Kangana Ranaut. Sonu Sood has been supporting a brand of oxygen concentrator since last year.

Sonu Sood is the face of a company with oxygen concentrators.

Kangana Ranaut and Sonu have once again come face to face by liking this user’s tweet. However, Sonu Sood has not commented on this. Let us know that the company with oxygen concentrator also said in an advertisement that Sonu Sood is the face of this brand. Sonu Sood is promoting Oxmeter and Infrared Thermometer.

Sonu Sood is helping people

On the other hand, Sonu Sood is constantly sharing the messages of the needy to help the people. His team and supporters are providing medical care to the needy. Sonu has also appealed to the government to provide free education to children affected by Corona.

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