Kangana Ranaut appealed to people for a video for registration of vaccination and video: Kangana Ranaut appealed to the people for vaccination

There is a second wave of corona virus epidemic in the country. Millions have been affected and thousands have died. In this case, the government has expedited the vaccination process. The elderly were at risk before the corona virus, so the vaccine was available to people over 45 years of age. But now from May 1, 2021, people above 18 years can also get vaccinated.

The registration process for this has also started. Explain that the second wave of Corona is affecting the youth more. This step has been taken for this. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has released a video on it and appealed more and more people to register for vaccination.

This disease has spread all over the world

Some time ago Kangana Ranaut shared a video. In it she is saying, “This epidemic has spread all over the world. It has affected everyone in one way or another. But I see a lot of people getting frustrated. They are feeling negative. Time. It is not for themselves – it is a pity that the whole world has suffered epidemics or infections like the Spanish flu, plague.

Here’s what Kangana Ranaut said-

Don’t be a problem yourself

Kangana adds, “Now modernity has increased so much. The population has increased so much, the way the journey is taking place, the whole world has been hit by it. And our Indian population is the largest in the world. There There is a lot. ” The modernity we want to enjoy will have some shortcomings or problems. But it is not wise to become someone’s own problem in this big problem. ”

Avoid getting infected and get vaccinated

Kangana Ranaut further said, “If we cannot solve then there should be no problem. We should help people. The biggest thing is that we should help ourselves, the first thing is that you are not infected.” . Number two, now let us get a vaccine for him. Do not spread false rumors against the vaccine. I have registered my house staff and their family. Do not despair and get vaccinated. “

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