Kangana Ranaut angry on international media and Indian intellectual vidoes for this reason viral. Video: Kangana Ranaut slams international media and intellectuals of the country

The second wave of the rising corona virus epidemic in the country has affected millions of people so far. The government is lacking in the corona vaccine and the speed of testing. The growing epidemic in India is being shown in newspapers and TV channels in the country as well as in all the countries of the world, to which Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has raised objections.

Kangana Ranaut has shared a video with the fans. In this video, he has targeted international media and Indian intellectuals. In this video, she goes on to say, “Apart from Corona, there are a lot of things that are disturbing that I want to discuss with you. Have you ever been on a disaster in India, a crisis, an international A campaign and all Have seen. Countries come together. “

Monkeys become humans

Kangana Ranaut goes on to say, “India is shown as if you’ve just been transformed from a monkey to a human. There’s food. You don’t know what democracy is. What you have to listen to. You have no intelligence . So we’ll tell you what to do. The channel is made up of people who are intellectuals. “

Watch Kangana Ranaut’s video here

Corpses pictures, bestselling

Kangana continued, “Tell me, there are pictures of corpses on Time magazine. These photos are the best-selling. Barkha Dutt goes to CNN. She cries that we are monkeys. Rana Ayub and Arundhati Roy are all Indians. These People have become their source., Which tarnishes the image of India at the international level. “

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