Kamal Haasan’s first Hindi film was for Ek Duje, for these reasons it is still counted among the best films of Hindi cinema.

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> <स्पैन शैली ="फ़ॉन्ट-वजन: 400;"> Kamal Haasan is one of those actors who started acting at the age of 6 and was very close to a film century when he was 27 years old. Initially South was confined to cinema but then ventured into Bollywood. Their first Hindi film was for each other. In which Rati Agnihotri was opposite him. It was also Rati’s first film in Hindi cinema. The story of young lovers touched every lover of the era who was surrounded by the restrictions of the time.

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