Jaspal Bhatti did terrible satirical comedy on fake medical bill in Flop How

Late comedian Jaspal Bhatti’s famous show ‘Flop Show’ made a lot of headlines in the 90s. Through this show, Shri Bhatti used to show every small and big event in the society in a very comic way. The flop was one such episode of the show in which Jaspal Bhatti tried to show how government employees work to fill their pockets by putting up fake bills.

The flop show shows that every employee of the office where Jaspal Bhatti works pays an average of Rs 300 per month for drugs. Not only this, every employee of this office is in dilemma as to how to earn maximum money from fake medical bills. Meanwhile, the twist in the show comes when a friend of Mr. Bhatti arrives at his office to meet him.

Funny story of Jaspal Bhatti and 'Fake Medical Bill', have you seen this episode of the flop show?

Shortly after the conversation, Mr. Bhatti finds out that his friend has an illness but does not have the money for treatment. Subsequently, it is decided that the treatment will be for the friend, but the name will be for Bhatti Sahib so that the cost of treatment can be calculated by placing a bill in the office. Treatment happens but then an incident happens that even Bhatti Saheb did not know. What was that incident? And for what happened to Bhatti Sahab, you can also watch this episode.

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