Jaspal Bhatti comedy in flop show

Late comedian Jaspal Bhatti is credited with showing the events around him in a very funny way. In today’s article, we bring a similar episode of Jaspal Bhatti’s famous TV show ‘Flop Show’, which describes the stubborn tenants who live in the abyss of capturing houses.

In this episode, Mr. Bhatti himself has become a tenant, plaguing the landlord. Not only this, Bhatti Saheb’s full emphasis is on how he can somehow take possession of the house. Mr. Bhatti also comes to jail once in this affair.

Jaspal Bhatti Comedy: When Jaspal Bhatti gave funny suggestions to grab property, see what happened?

However, the twist in the story comes when Mr. Bhatti gives his friend the idea of ​​capturing the house on his own lines. After which a house is searched for which can be purchased for paternity. Such a house can be found in a short time, but only then it becomes known that this house is in the possession of some goons.

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