Jasmine Bhasin spoke on the question of marriage to Ali Goni, we had not thought about it yet. On the question of marriage, Jasmine quotes Ali Goni

Alia and Jasmine are spending quality time with each other after Bigg Boss comes out of the house. Both were very much loved in Bigg Boss. Seeing the love story of these two, the host of the show and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan also had tears in their eyes. Recently the two appeared outside a salon, where the media asked Jasmine when she was marrying Ali.

Jasmine answers marriage question

In fact, on Tuesday, Ali and Jasmine went to a salon together where the media was also present. When the two came out of the salon, the media asked Jasmine, when is she marrying Ali? Reacting to this, Jasmine said, “Hey, we haven’t thought about it yet, it’s not going to happen so soon. Our new love has just begun. So what’s the hurry to get married now.”

Ali and Jasmine appeared in the song ‘Tera Suit’

Talking about the work front, both have worked in Tony Kakkar’s song ‘Tera Suit’ some time ago. Fans liked the song of both of them. Regarding the song, Jasmine said, “This is the first song of the two of us, which is very special for me.” And frankly, I did not get a good co-actor from Ali for my first music video.

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