Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar got emotional at an award function remembering her husband and son Babel.

The death of Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan was nothing short of a shock for fans, but it was also a huge loss for his family and it was a loss that no one would ever be able to meet. Recently, a London award show also paid tribute to Irrfan Khan. On the other hand, Irrfan received an award from Filmfare, which his son Babel had reached for taking.

When Babel arrived to receive this honor from his father, he became very emotional and his eyes became wet. This picture of Babil went viral on social media, after which his mother Sutapa Sikdar wrote a poem in Hindi on Facebook. These poems are written by Sutapa to show the character of Babylon in particular how a son tries to grow strong without his father, but in many places he gets frustrated.

Kavita Sutapa wrote, ‘Babylon does not hide her tears, but she cries in the open because she is a’ hard woman ‘. He would hug me and hug his mother. Puri life, you were a bitter victim of all of us. Now fly mother, spread your wings and lose consciousness. There are dimples on her cheeks with an embarrassed, dull smile. When it is said that your own, then you can burn your life with simran. ‘

In one paragraph, Sanpa wrote, ‘Babylon weeps all night remembering her father. When the eye is swollen, when asked, he does not say that he did not sleep all night for the sake of his manhood. Kah Deh hai Ro Roh Maa Emotions do not place emotions as a burden on the mind because he is a man. ‘

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