Irfan Khan’s death anniversary

Mumbai. We participated on April 29 last year, after falling victim to a rare type of cancer. All the memories of the great actor Irrfan Khan will live forever in the hearts of his near and dear ones. On the occasion of its first anniversary, ABP News spoke to Irrfan’s acting guru, Ravi Chaturvedi in Jaipur, who shared with us all the memories before and after Irrfan’s entry into the film world.

Before entering the world of cinema, while living in Jaipur, Irrfan Khan associated himself with the world of theater and spent years grooming his acting. Meanwhile, in a play based on Mannu Bhandari’s book ‘Mahabhoj’, Irrfan Khan plays the role of a watchman who just stands silently throughout the play. Theatrical director Ravi Chaturvedi, who was watching the play as an audience, had his eye on Irrfan for the first time. Subsequently, Irrfan remained associated with theater director Ravi’s small drama group for three consecutive years, where he not only acted in a few plays under Ravi’s direction, but also did a number of minor works related to backstage management.

In an exclusive interaction with ABP News, Irrfan’s acting guru and theater director Ravi Chaturvedi said, “Irrfan did not have a special role in the drama based on the book of Manu Bhandari. All they had to do and no dialogue, but while. While watching the play, I kept watching it again and again. Throughout the play, I kept thinking that Irfan has a lot of potential as an actor. After the play was over, I offered her through my friend to join my small drama company. Irfan immediately agreed and then he started working with me. ”

Irrfan's first death anniversary: ​​his acting guru did not want Irrfan to become a film actor!

“Irfan fulfills every responsibility”
Ravi Chaturvedi, who was a struggling theater director in the 80s, explains that he inspired Irrfan to act in his plays and also did a number of backstage management and that Irfan handled every responsibility well. Says Ravi, “Sometimes it happened that I got annoyed with Irrfan and slapped him, so that he could not play my role properly as per the demands of the play. In those three years he scolded me a lot. Irfan Always talked about giving it to them. To improve their acting, spend a little more time and work more on your character. “
Ravi further adds, “Even after becoming a famous actor, he used to talk to his friends about how he managed to carve a different niche for himself because of my tough behavior. He used to tell his friends that they are all lucky . Be a teacher like me. “

30 years of winning the heart of an acting guru
Irrfan may have won the heart of the world with his acting, but it took him nearly 30 years to win the heart of his acting guru. Acting guru Ravi Chaturvedi did not want Irrfan to ever act in a film. Ravi explains, “While working with me for plays, he never mentioned that he wanted to become a film actor in the future. He was worried that if he became a film actor, if he would talk to me , Then I’ll probably kill them. ” Theater Group. He knew that my opinions about films and TV actors were not very good. “

Irrfan's first death anniversary: ​​his acting guru did not want Irrfan to become a film actor!

Ravi says that he directed a play called ‘Ek Uddhavast Dharamshala’ about the failure of the communist movement. He explains, “In this drama, I wanted a serious type of actor. In this drama, I was choosing people who were mature. Irrfan was quite young, but I was quite confident of his acting ability. I Was chosen in a pivotal role. In this and it proved to live up to my expectations. As an actor, Irrfan was one of the few professors who taught in the drama in college, so Irrfan was interested in working with him. Was very nervous.

“Irrfan rehearsed for hours”
Ravi Chaturvedi says that Irrfan used to ask a lot of questions about all his plays and each of his characters and rehearsed hours by joining extra sessions organized separately for the rehearsal. He explains, “When I came to know that Irrfan made a foray into the world of films through Meera Nair’s Salaam Bombay, I got a little angry instead of cheering. At that time, I felt that Irrfan plays through Moving forward. ” Will make his invaluable contribution and make a mark in the world of theater. “

Irrfan's first death anniversary: ​​his acting guru did not want Irrfan to become a film actor!

Ravi says that after finishing his studies at NSD, I met Irfan one day while working in professional plays. Irrfan asked me to recommend him for a film. Irfan was very angry with me when I refused to recommend Irrfan, due to his principle of not recommending anyone.

Irrfan’s first film ‘Salaam Bombay’ was released in 1988, but Irrfan’s ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ was released after 22 years, the first film that Ravi Chaturvedi saw in the theater. Ravi says, “I was told by Irrfan, not by any of my friends, to watch ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ for Irrfan. After watching this film, I specifically called Irrfan and said that you I have acted very well. And you definitely. Get an award for this film. After listening to this, Irrfan told me that after listening to this, my acting career became a success. The release of this film Till, Irrfan will not allow me to watch any of his films. Because he knew. I will be scolded for working in some weird films. “

It is notable that Irrfan Khan was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in ‘Paan Singh Tomar’.

Irrfan was convinced of Naseeruddin Shah’s performance
Irrfan Khan was convinced of Naseeruddin Shah’s acting and he dreamed to be like him one day. Ravi says, “I always used to ask Irrfan not to compare himself to Nasir and carve out his acting and create a different identity.”

After sharing all his memories of Irrfan, 74-year-old Ravi Chaturvedi told ABP News in his own way, “I did not consider Irfan a great actor, but a very good student of acting. Irrfan acted in the films and he made that place. A long struggle proves that Irrfan had taken a step towards becoming a great actor. Unlike Hollywood, people here do not want any actors. It is too hasty, but I was impressed with his acting and he had a different point of view. “

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