In The Kapil Sharma Show, Sapna was offered a barfi massage to Priyanka Chopra,

Kapil Sharma is as much a fan of Bollywood stars as he is a fan of Bollywood celebs. That’s when we got ready for Kapil Sharma’s show. Priyanka Chopra also reached after marriage. Kapil Sharma did a lot of fun and rocking the show. While Priyanka revealed a lot about her marriage and life after marriage, many secrets were revealed on the set. On the other hand, when Sapna reached the stage, the fun doubled.

The specialty of Barfi massage told Sapna

Everyone knows that whenever Sapna comes on stage, the atmosphere becomes different as Sapna brings special massage offers from her beauty parlor and when Priyanka arrives at the show, Sapna also gives her Barfi massage. And when Priyanka heard the specialty of this massage, she too was forced to laugh. Not only this, Sapna also asked Priyanka Chopra strange questions, which the actress did not even answer. He asks Priyanka why she does not model when she walks cat. In this video, see how the actress reacted to it.

The show has been closed since the beginning of the year

By the way, Kapil Sharma’s show did not start well this year. The show seems a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but that was before it was shut down again. Although it has not been permanently closed, it is difficult to tell when it will resume. Although it was rumored that it would be relaunched in May, the situation regarding Corona does not indicate that the show is about to begin.

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