In the Kapil Sharma Show, Malaika Arora of Comedy Nights with Kapil told how she proposed Arbaaz Khan for marriage.

Even though Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora have separated today, there is still a lot of discussion about their love story. The relationship lasted for almost 24 years but then for some reason they decided to part ways. Well, whatever, but do you know that it was Malaika who proposed marriage to Arbaaz Khan himself.

Very few people knew

Both Malaika and Arbaaz hid this and no one knew about it but when Malaika reached Kapil’s show Comedy Nights with Kapil, Kapil wanted to know the truth. Then Malaika was also shocked to hear this from Kapil’s mouth. Ultimately, Malaika had to explain everything and told fans how she proposed Arbaaz to the wedding.

The two met during an ad shoot

When Malaika proposed to Arbaaz, he did not hesitate to say yes, he simply said that I would come to tell the date and time. By the way, the two met during an ad shoot in 1993, due to which Malaika fell in love with Arbaaz and Arbaaz also started liking Malaika. Gradually the intimacy grew and the two got into a relationship. The relationship finally got its name in 1999 and the two got married. They were married according to Muslim and Christian rites. In 2002, after 4 years of marriage, Malaika gave birth to a son, Arhaan. But after 18 years of marriage, both of them got married. they got divorced. Today, she lives with her son Arhan Malaika and she is dating Arjun Kapoor.

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