In the Kangana Ranaut Tandav controversy over Ali Abbas Zafar’s pardon, you can accept Allah as truth. Tandava controversy: Kangana Ranaut spoke on Ali Abbas Zafar’s apology

The Bollywood actress’s name has now become one of those who are opposing the web series Tandava of Ali Abbas Zafar and Saif Ali Khan. While Ali Abbas Zafar apologized amidst all the protests, Kangana also tweeted about her apology which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In her tweet, Kangana has asked Ali if he can make fun of Allah in his films like this.

Kangana Ranaut’s tweets:

Responding to Kapil Mishra’s tweet, Kangana wrote, “Where will they be left to apologize? They cut their throats straight away, jihadi countries issue edicts, Libro media uses virtual blasphemy, you will not only be killed That death will also be justified, says that Ali Abbas Zafar dares to make fun of Allah?

Kangana’s tweet is now going viral on social media. Kangana, who is opposing the series, is loving this fearless style and she is retweeting this tweet a lot.

Let us also tell you that Kangana has also tweeted before on the Tandav controversy. Kangana described the series as ‘Hindu phobic, tyrannical and objectionable’. Responding to a tweet, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “The problem is not just Hindu phobic material, but it is creatively bad. Aggressive, therefore deliberately controversial scenes are placed at every level. Instead, the audience is tortured To be imprisoned for. “

Ali Abbas Zafar apologized:

Producer Abbas Zafar has apologized on behalf of his entire cast and crew as Tandav has been mired in controversies following his recent web series, stating that he did not intend to insult any religion or political party. .

See full controversy here:

The controversy over the web series is on a scene from the first episode. In it, actor Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub is seen as Lord Shiva and addresses the students of the university, saying, “Whose freedom do you want?” As soon as he comes on stage, a stage manager says, “Narayan-Narayan. God do something. Ramji’s followers on social media are steadily increasing.”

At the same time, speaking another controversial dialogue, a young college girl says, “When a low-caste man dates a high-caste woman, he is not taking revenge, just from one.”

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