In her interview, Bigg Boss fame Shefali Jariwala talked about her first marriage with Harpreet Singh, Shefali Jariwala talked about getting divorced from Harpreet.

Kanta Laga Fame actress Shefali has now spoken openly about her first marriage. Shefali was married to Harmeet Singh. However, their relationship did not last long and the two separated in 2009 after five years.

Subsequently, Shefali Jariwala’s name was linked to Parag Tyagi and the two got married in 2014. Speaking to Times Now Digital, Shefali said of her first marriage, “It is very important to understand that no one is appreciating you. Violence is not physical in every way. There are also many types of mental harassment. If this happens, you are very unhappy in your life. ‘

Shefali said, “I think the biggest reason behind my separation was that I was independent. I was earning money for myself.”

Further, he said, “Divorce is seen as a stain in our society but I have no concern for the society. I do what I feel is right.” Shefali stressed that every woman should It needs to be understood that she is happy with the marriage, if not more, she can help her get out of the marriage.

As soon as Shefali Jariwala entered Bigg Boss as a contestant, she had proved that she would play here for a long time. Shefali’s game was well liked by his fans from the beginning. Speaking on Rubina Dilac and Abhinav Shukla in Bigg Boss 14, he said that there is nothing wrong if Rubina’s nature is a little dominating. She is a bit furious so this is her personality. It is also very important to stay in the game. ‘

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