Has Kabir Khan gone bankrupt after investing money in ’83 ?, Mini Mathur gave a clear answer to trolls

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> Seeing the second wave of Corona virus epidemic, many Bollywood celebs are coming forward to help people in their own way through social media. Still some people are trolling them. But this & nbsp; The celebs are not bent to troll for help and give them a befitting reply. & nbsp;

Recently, TV host and actress Mini Mathur shared a message on Twitter demanding drugs, then a user asked her about her husband Kabir Khan’s finances. & nbsp; The user asked, referring to the Kabir Khan-directed film ’83’,"It is heard that your husband has gone bankrupt by investing in the film 83. Is that correct"

Help people in distress

Mini Mathur replied and wrote,"Please use your free time to help someone in this crisis." Following this reply from Mini Mathur, the user realized his mistake and deleted his tweet. & nbsp;

See Mini Mathur’s tweet here –

& nbsp;

Released in April 2020

The film will be released in theaters only

But its release has been postponed again due to the corona virus epidemic. Kabir Khan and the producers of the film want the film to be released in theaters, hence the release of the film is under suspicion."Text-align: justify;"> Also read-

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