Hansal Mehta wants that after having coffee with Kangana Ranaut, the epidemic actress says that you will soon become a devotee. Actress says Hansal Mehta wants to drink coffee with Kangana Ranaut

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta and actor Kangana Ranaut once had a dispute between Mehta on Twitter. The quarrel between the two happened over a tweet by Hansal Mehta. In this tweet, Hansal Mehta questioned whether the President’s rule is going to come in view of the rising corona virus case in Maharashtra. Kangana retweeted Hansal Mehta’s tweet and said that Mehta will also become a ‘devotee’.

Actually, Hansal Mehta wrote in his tweet, “Are we going to see President’s rule in Maharashtra very soon?” Kangana Ranaut responded to Hansal Mehta’s tweet and wrote that very soon Hansal will also become ‘Sanghi’. You too, like me, will be disillusioned with these Libruz.

Hansal Mehta will soon become a Sanghi

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her tweet, “Ideally we should apply, Hansal sir very soon you too will be a confidant. You are a rational person, when you become disillusioned with these labor like me, your heart will blossom and you Will become a devotee. Then we will go on a journey to Sadguru Ashram or Kailash together. “

The two will drink coffee together

Sometime later, replying to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet, Hansal Mehta told Kangana that the two would drink coffee together after the corona virus epidemic. Kangana said, “Absolutely … I miss your humor and food.”

The first libra was Kangana

But where does Kangana’s work go in a tweet. He wrote in another tweet, “You also know that I was also a libra, even with you I interviewed Ravish, but I had to face cruelty and isolation. Having a storehouse of talent Despite this, I was imprisoned. During that time, the Indian government offered me to play the role of Goddess Lakshmi in a campaign. “

Shiv Sena threatens

Kangana further wrote, “Even when the Shiv Sena threatened me, they protected me. I see them as true feminists and champions of freedom of speech and liberal values ​​… sooner or later. I will also realize you. “

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