Govinda Beats Corona Virus Recover Bollywood Actor ANN

Mumbai: Noted actor Govinda was also named among Bollywood celebrities who fell victim to Corona. Last week Govinda also succumbed to Corona, due to which he had to stay out of the house but now the good news is that Govinda has defeated Corona and his corona test has come negative.

Govinda expressed his happiness in a statement released to ABP News saying, “My test has come negative. I did the RT-PCR test as well as the CT scan so that there is no doubt. Now I have no symptoms of corona. ‘Govinda also told what he did in his spare time during home quarantine. During this time he talked about reading many books and watching movies.


Govinda said, “I will now take rest at regular intervals as instructed by the doctors. I am grateful to all my well-wishers, whose immense good wishes and prayers enabled me to defeat the corona virus so quickly. I also thank my medical team. ‘

Last month, Govinda’s wife Sunita also succumbed to the Corona virus, which was completely cured. But Sunita’s 78-year-old mother Sarita Sharma is currently suffering from corona and is undergoing treatment at home. Govinda has also appealed to all his loved ones to take necessary precautions in this environment of Corona after recovery.

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