Gabbar, the character of the Bollywood film Sholay, inspired the real man

A film of Hindi cinema whose actors, music and dialogues still entertain the audience to the fullest, namely ‘Sholay’. The film’s strong character was ‘Gabbar’, it would not be right to talk about this character. Today we will tell you about this character and how this character landed on the film screen.

In the 50s, there was a real dacoit named ‘Gabbar aka’ Gabra ‘in the jungle of Madhya Pradesh. Which was feared by people from far and wide. Not only this, the police of 3 states had also issued a reward of Rs 50,000 in the name of that dacoit. It is said that the dacoit ‘Gabbar Singh’ took a vow in front of his goddess that he would offer a serious nose to 116 people. ‘Gabbar Singh’ was doing this at the behest of a tantric because he had said that if ‘Gabbar’ would do it, the police bullet would not kill him.

By then, ‘Gabbar Singh’ had cut off the nose of a total of 26 people, including several policemen. Although Gabbar’s story of the film ‘Sholay’ is not directly derived from the real ‘Gabbar’, the film’s author Salim Khan knew about the dacoits of Madhya Pradesh because his father worked in the police of Madhya Pradesh. When Salim Khan was writing the story of the film ‘Sholay’, he added some spices to the real stories of ‘Gabbar’ aka ‘Gabra’ and wrote Gabbar’s character in ‘Sholay’.

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