Due to the fear of the underworld, these actresses living an anonymous life had vanished overnight.

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> By the way, the connection of Bollywood and underworld is quite old. Many Bollywood celebs lose their careers due to the underworld. One of them is the name of actress Sakshi Shivanand who was one of the top Bollywood heroines till about a decade and a half ago. Actress Sakshi Shivanand, known for her beauty, has a birthday today. Sakshi was born in 1977 in Mumbai. But she is a Kannadiga girl from Karnataka. She is the elder sister of actress Shilpa Anand. He was married to Sagar Anand.

Sakshi’s first Hindi film was ‘Janam Kundali’, but it was a flop. However, his performance was highly appreciated. The film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ proved to be the turning point of his career. The film was directed by Anubhav Sinha. But before she could make her name in Bollywood, stories of the underworld ruined her Bollywood career. During an interview, he stated that he left the industry in fear of the underworld. He explained, “I was nervous at one point when I found out that the film I was going to work in was from the underworld. & Rsquo;

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