Diljit Dosanjh reacts strongly to Kangana Ranaut on his Khalistani Remark. Diljit Dosanjh hit back at Kangana Ranaut, said

new Delhi: The Twitter war between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh is not hidden from anyone. The two are leaving no chance of killing or killing each other. During the farmer movement, there have been clashes between two actors on Twitter. Kangana Ranaut had commented on Diljit Dosanjh during a television interview, to which Diljit has responded by tweeting.

In her tweet, Diljit Dosanjh did not mention Kangana’s name but her reference was to the actress. Diljit said in his tweet, “They keep calling themselves patriots after meeting on television. They speak as if they have become above the country. When it comes to giving up their lives for the country, Punjabis have Have always sacrificed. God still forbids today. ” , Punjabi will be ahead if needed. Do punjabis prick you? “

We talk about the country, we talk about Punjab – Diljit Dosanjh

In another tweet, he said, “You ask me something, I will give you some answers, what drama is this. We are talking about the country, we are talking about Punjab. They are pushing another angle. Want to give. It means that you want to push and persuade whatever comes in your mind. “

Actress Kangana Ranaut had targeted Diljit in one of his tweets and said that Khalistan is just the name of the emptiness of your mind. The actress had said, “Your Canadian gang will not be able to do anything. Khalistan is just the name of your mind’s emptiness. We will not allow this country to be torn to pieces, as many riots and attacks as we want.” “With this Kangana hashtags India Together and India Against Propaganda.

Let us know that recently pop star Rihanna tweeted about the peasant movement. On Rihanna’s tweet, Kangana said that we are not fools like you. Whereas Diljit Dosanjh composed only one song on Rihanna.

When Modi was Chief Minister, he used to talk in writing about MSP, why he is not giving today – Mallikarjun Kharge

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