Chhota Sardani actor Tabrez Khan feels safest on the set as to what is the reason

In Maharashtra, the number of Kovid-19 cases continues to increase. Meanwhile, actor Tabrez Khan says he feels the safest on the set. Tabrej Chhoti Sardarni is a part of the serial. Tabrez says that keeping in mind the Kovid protocol, a lot of precautions are taken on his set. This decision has been made to prevent corona virus infection. In addition, necessary instructions are given.

He said, “Looking at the situation, I am not scared at all, as all the necessary precautions on my set are done with utmost care. All the guidelines and safeguards given by the government are strictly followed. Every member Is checked before entering. Set and completely sanitized with a walk-through machine. The mask is mandatory at all times. I feel safest when I’m on set. “

He has also worked in many other shows.

The actor has previously acted in several other shows, including serials like This One Story of Love, Find Baba Aiso Var and Kiss Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil. The actor says he makes sure to wear his mask as well as cleaning and cleaning. However he is busy with his daily work without any fear. The actor said that he is taking all necessary precautions, which are very simple to follow even when not on the set.

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