By sharing an interesting picture, Karthik Aryan explained the importance of the mask

Since the year 2020, when Corona has started to wreak havoc, actor Karthik Aryan has been seen to spread awareness about it. Whether it is through a Corona Warriors interview or the importance of vaccination. But now Karthik Aryan has adopted a very unique way to explain the importance of masks to the people. He has shared a very interesting picture and explains what happens to those who do not wear masks.

Karthik’s picture, which has spread on social media, is seen with a large effigy of a dinosaur. Even if the picture is modest, Karthik has made it special by giving a great pose. He is posing with his head in the dinosaur’s mouth, which the dinosaur is ready to eat.

Sharing this picture, Karthik explained to people that if you do not wear a mask, you are intentionally putting yourself in danger. In this case, you should wear a mask because the mask is the first and most important weapon in the fight against the corona. On the other hand, his fans are also very fond of this style of Karthik and are also making interesting comments.

Karthik Aryan has recently recovered from Corona

Let us tell you that a few days ago Karthik Aryan has recovered from the corona. Some time ago, his report also came out positive. After which he isolated himself at home. But at the moment he is fully recovered. Recently, Karthik has been in a lot of discussion about Dostana-2. He was earlier playing the lead role in this film but currently he is not in this film. The news of his disagreement with Dharma Productions is currently in full swing.

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