Bollywood star Govinda proves realities Bollywood can become a bad place after a breakthrough

Govinda made his Bollywood debut in 1986 with his debut film Ilazam and was one of the busiest actors in Hindi cinema in the 90s. Not only the acting of Govinda, but his dance was also liked by the audience. Govinda gave his whole life to acting. However, gradually a lot changed for Govinda in Bollywood. Some time ago he was seen in the films ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Kill Dil’.

Govinda spoke openly about Bollywood and her relationship with him during an interview in 2017. He had said that ‘there are many big groups here and they do not want to be a part of any of them, that is why they have stopped working’. Govinda revealed how a ‘conspiracy’ took place against him in Bollywood.

In the 90s, Govinda made his mark, but when he was sidelined by popular Bollywood stars, he apparently felt bad. He believes that he has become more bitter now, as he has seen things go down. According to media reports, Govinda said in his interview- ‘I have become more corrupt and bitter than before. These days, I party, smoke and even drink. Earlier I was emotional but now I am not ‘. He went on to say, “The filmmakers, in fact, offer me movies that I don’t like, which are pornographic.”

Govinda also told how some people were trying to level him up and wanted to make him a junior artist. About this, Govinda said- ‘Once I was asked to give 15 scenes and 2 songs in a film, but later I was told to make a junior actor by giving just one song, but I did not let them succeed. I returned to the role of the protagonist and made the film. However, it is a different matter that my film did not get a stage. ‘

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