Bollywood Actress Meena Kumari Life Unknown Facts

Love and musk are not hidden. Something similar happened with Meena Kumari. Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari went on to become a child actress as a lead actress and the 1952 film Baiju Bawra made her an overnight star. Prior to this film, Meena Kumari met director Kamal Amrohi on a set. Meena greets Kamal but he does not respond. This made Meena so bad that she refused to work in films with Kamal Amrohi, but later she got married to Kamal Amrohi.

Kamal and Meena Kumari started falling in love with each other, then one day, Kamal Amrohi’s friend and manager Bakhar ji asked him that if you love Meena Kumari very much, why don’t you marry him, listening to this awesome That I am like what I want, but Meena does not know. When Bakhar Saheb went to Meena, he told me how I can do till my father agrees to this marriage. After listening to Meena Kumari, Bakhar ji told him that both of you should get married, after seeing the opportunity, you will convince Ammi-Abbu.

Meena Kumari agreed to the wedding after Bakhar explained a lot. The couple married on 14 February 1952. Meena Kumari was undergoing physiotherapy in those days. Her father used to drop Meena and her sister from the doctor every night for 2 hours. Also on 14th, Meena’s father Ali Bakhsh forced her out of the clinic and returned. As his father left, Kamal Amrohi Kazi and some of his friends reached the clinic and got married. Meena’s father reached there 5 minutes after the wedding, but he did not know that the daughter whom he had left here 2 hours ago is now married.

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