Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says that after a trip to Tuscany, she has to lift 8 kg.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is in the news these days due to her upcoming cooking show. Recently a teaser of her show has been released, in which Kareena Kapoor is seen preparing to bake pizza. Meanwhile, recently, Kareena revealed in an interview how she gained 8 kg by eating pizza.

Kareena said, “We went to Italy on holidays. Where we ate very tasty baked oven pizza. When I returned from that trip, I had gained 8 kg. I used to see that chef making pizza, the way they make pizza is an art. ‘

Kareena added, “People in my family gain weight easily. So we have to pay attention to what we are eating. Most actors eat healthy food. We are very conscious about food, we do not eat sugar. When Karishma worked in films, people were not so conscious about food, but today’s generation is interested in knowing what is in their food, from salt to oil. ‘

Also when Kareena was asked in the interview what kind of food she would prepare for the Bollywood stars, she revealed that she would cook roasted chicken and potatoes for her husband Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan) for Tandoori Chicken. .

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