Bollywood actors Kishore Kumar and Madhubala life unknown facts

Madhubala and Kishore Kumar, two superstars of Hindi cinema who are still remembered today. We all know that Madhubala married Kishore Kumar in the year 1960. Well, let’s talk about his childhood today. We have already told you about the film studio ‘Bombay Talkies’ in one of our stories. The studio was nothing short of a small world for a lot of artists and their families who worked there.

Ataullah Khan and her daughter Baby Mumtaz also worked as child actors in Bombay Talkies. Baby Mumtaz would go out to play when she was free from work. Mumtaz Ali’s son Mahmood and Ashok Kumar’s younger brother Kishore Kumar were among those who played with him. Kishore Kumar often used to come to Mumbai during his school holidays with his elder brother Ashok Kumar, and also used to come to the studio. Let us tell you that Kishore Kumar and Baby Mumtaz used to play together in childhood. Playing from house to house, Baby Mumtaz, wife and Kishore Kumar became husbands, the scattered items of the studio became their world.

Although the children’s game ended with his childhood, the game of luck remained. Young children Mumtaz grew up to become superstar Madhubala, who married Kishore Kumar in real life. In this way, the childhood game became a fact of life for Madhubala and Kishore Kumar.

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