Bollywood actor Rajkumar behind the film Neil Kamal the Making Story

In 1966, director Ram Maheshwari was making a film titled ‘Kam Neel Kamal’, starring Waheeda Rehman, Rajkumar and Manoj Kumar in the lead roles. In this film, Rajkumar played the role of a ‘sculptor’, besides Rajkumar had to wear some jewelery in it. When the shooting of the film began, Rajkumar was enraged when he saw his jewels as fake jewelery was brought.

Rajkumar told the director, “If I wear real jewelery, I will not shoot.” Even after much persuasion, the prince stood his ground and started demanding genuine jewelry. Everyone got stressed on the film’s set.

Now Panna Lal Maheshwari, the producer of the film Neil Kamal, had no choice but to order the real jewelery for Rajkumar. The shooting was halted, causing damage to the film’s producers.

Eventually the producers somehow managed to get real jewelry. Then Rajkumar gave the first shot of the film. However, when you watch this film, you will not know whether the prince is wearing real jewelry or a fake, but it was the prince he thought.

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