Bollywood actor Rajendra Kumar and Manoj Kumar’s friendship

One of the titles associated with Hindi cinema superstar Rajendra Kumar was ‘Jubilee Kumar’. Many of Rajendra’s films made silver jubilee in theaters in the 60s. He was as good a person as a big star. In fact, Manoj Kumar was very close to Rajendra Kumar during his struggle days. Not only this, he considered Rajendra Kumar as his elder brother.

When Manoj Kumar got his first major film, titled ‘Piya Milan Ki Aas’ and was given an advance of Rs 1000, Manoj Kumar gave Rs 1000 to Rajendra Darshan Kumar directly from the producer’s office. Manoj knew where Rajendra Kumar was shooting, and when he approached Rajendra Kumar, Manoj put money at his feet.

Seeing this, Rajendra Kumar hugged Manoj Kumar and added another 100 rupees in his favor. Giving that money to Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar said, “Now that it is eleven hundred rupees, it is very auspicious.” Rajendra Kumar was so happy that day as if he had got the first film and not Manoj. Not only that, Rajendra Kumar was on the set of the film that day. Rajendra Kumar distributed sweets throughout the set in the joy of Manoj Kumar getting his first film. Rajendra Kumar’s heart was so big.

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