Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan revealed that he does not allow his films to be seen by wife Aishwarya Rai

Even though ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is off air these days, the buzz of this comedy show has not diminished. A funny video of this is going viral on social media, showing the team of the film ‘The Big Bull’. Abhishek Bachchan’s film ‘The Big Bull’ was released sometime back. For whose promotion, the entire team had reached Kapil Sharma’s show. Along with Abhishek, the film’s producer Ajay Devgan and actress Nikita Dutta also appeared here.

Meanwhile, the host of the show Kapil Sharma asked Abhishek, “Has it ever happened that after watching a romantic scene of yours, Aishwarya Mam advised you that, you could have done it or you could have done better?” On this question of Kapil, Abhishek said, “Tell me one thing, your wife watches your show, once she said that you can flirt with it a little more.” No, no, because you don’t have to show. This is the reason why I do not even allow Aishwarya to watch my films. Hearing Abhishek’s answer, Kapil’s reaction is worth watching.

Apart from this, Kapil asked Abhishek another funny question, ‘Sir you and Aishwarya acted in 5 films before marriage but only 2 after marriage, do you understand that man is afraid to work with wife after marriage is?’ Abhishek says, ‘Pitwayega …’ Ajay Devgan also tells Kapil that you have done your thousand episodes and brought your wife on the set.

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