Bigg Boss 14 Rubina Dilac Abhinav Shukla to be together after exiting BB house

Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaiik and her husband Abhinav Shukla’s relationship with the reality show Bigg Boss 14 saw a lot of ups and downs. The pair shared their differences with host Salman Khan at Premier Night. Later, Rubina revealed during a task that their marriage was about to break up and they gave each other time until November and decided to join the show together.

Now in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, the two told the media that they are now together and that Bigg Boss has given a new perspective to their relationship. In response to a question, Rubina said, “We decided to separate in April and there was a six-month probation period which was to end in November. We both gave each other one last chance for six months.”

Trying to understand each other

Rubina added, “When we got the offer to do the show in September and we had two months left and we were trying to do our best. We are trying to understand each other, We can say that we were taking therapy to defend ourselves. Marriage. We were in the process. When we got Bigg Boss proposal, we didn’t want to miss the chance to be with each other, so both Got a chance to come on the show together. “

Rubina-Abhinav will be together in future

Abhinav and Rubina said about the future, “Now, we have seen a lot of fights inside the house and looking at those things we found that these are very small things. Thankfully differences have come out but our free thoughts will remain the same . “Rubina said,” Bigg Boss gave us a very unique and new way of loving and respecting each other. Now we won’t think of separating and being together. “

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