Bigg Boss 14: Ejaz Khan claims to win the show again in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 14: Ejaz Khan, who has been out of the house in this season of Bigg Boss, is once again ready to take the entry. Recently, Ejaz Khan has revealed this in an interview. He said that he is talking about re-entering the show and he is eligible to win the trophy this season. Last month, Ejaz Khan opted out of the show due to his previous business commitments. Instead, Devolina Bhattacharjee is playing as a proxy in Bigg Boss house.

In an interview to an English newspaper, Ijaz Khan said that he has almost fulfilled his professional commitment and he is in talks with the makers of Bigg Boss to re-enter. He said that he has lived indoors and is still part of the game. She is in the race to win the Bigg Boss trophy and deserves this trophy.

Ijaz said that he could not disrespect his commitment to his profession, as it would adversely affect his professional life. He said, “Thankfully, the makers of Bigg Boss understood and appreciated my commitments. I have not harmed anyone. At the moment it has come down. If I still enter the show as a contestant, I have a lot to gain. ” I am fully prepared for this. “

In Bigg Boss season 14, Aijaz Khan’s entry was in the headlines. He told on the show how a terrible incident of exploitation took place in his childhood. After this revelation, he received a lot of support from his family, friends and fans. She was the most talked about contestant of Bigg Boss. This time too, Bigg Boss is taking a very interesting turn. There are many ways in one show after another.

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