Bhabiji is at home, enter Neha Pendse as Anita Bhabhi

Bhabiji is at home: The new actress, who plays Anita Bhabhi, has appeared in the most popular TV comedy serial iji Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. The name of this actress is Neha Pendse. The producers and actors were very happy to be involved in the show and welcomed them in a very special way. Let me tell you that when shooting started amid the corona virus epidemic, Soumya Tandon, who played Anita Bhabhi, decided to leave the show.

The producers tried to stop her, but she did not stop for the show due to personal reasons. After much searching, the makers got a glimpse of ‘Gauri Mam’ in Neha Pendse and brought it to the show. Tiwari was overjoyed when Neha arrived as Anita Bhabhi on the set of the show. Neha appeared in Maroon Sari on the first day. After reaching the set, the cake was cut from them.

Tiwari is happy to see Anita Bhabhi

The entire cast of the show was present during this time. After cutting the cake, Tiwari ji fed the cake to the new Anita Bhabhi with her own hands. After this, the team was seen having fun. Neha also took a photo with Anguri Bhabhi i.e. Shubhangi Atre. Neha had a lot of fun with the cast of the show on the set. Everyone is very happy to see Neha as Anita Bhabhi.

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Comparisons are common

Seeing the pictures of Neha Pendse on the set, the fans are now waiting for her to appear on TV very soon. Neha is very excited about this show. He is being compared to Soumya Tandon. She says that she has been doing this show for a long time, so it is common to have comparisons.

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