Before marriage, Sunita had placed a condition in front of Anil Kapoor, the actor had to do this job.

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> Everyday news of someone’s breakup or divorce comes in Bollywood. It is not possible to tell when the relationship will be formed and when it will break. But even among all these, there are many such relationships in Bollywood which have remained strong over the years. One of them is Anil Kapoor and Sunita. The two have been together for years. But do you know that Sunita had made a big bet before marrying Anil.

Actually Sunita was married to Anil then. When he could not establish himself well in Bollywood too. By that time, his family was not very prosperous, but then after many efforts of Anil, Sunita said yes to his marriage. Both dated for 10 years before marriage. And then got married in 1984. & nbsp; But before marriage, Sunita had placed a condition in front of Anil that she would never cook in the kitchen. They have to cook for this. Now falling in love with Sunita, Anil immediately accepted her condition. & nbsp;

Sunita went on a honeymoon alone

Not only this, you will also be surprised to know that when both got married, Anil had a lot of film offers at that time. So soon after the wedding, Anil returned to the shoot and Sunita left alone for her honeymoon.

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