Bad news for Salman Khan Fans said that the film Radhe will be released on Eid not this year, but bad news for Salman’s fans, the actor said

Mumbai: Salman Khan said a few months ago that his next film ‘Radhey’ would be released directly on the OTT platform, stating that he would release the film in theaters first. Subsequently, Salman reminded of his commitment and announced through social media that ‘Radhey’ will be released on the occasion of Eid this year. But now Salman has a fear in his mind that ‘Radhey’ will be released on the occasion of Eid this year or not.

How Salman came to know that once again the fast-growing cases of Corona would lead to conditions such as curfew and lockdown, not only in Mumbai, but across the country and the release of films one by one would have to be postponed again.

If the lockdown continues like this, the film will be released on the next Eid – Salman

Speaking to Kabir Khan at the virtual launch of well-known actor Kabir Bedi’s autobiography, ‘The Story I Must Tell – The Emotional Life of Actor’, Salman Khan spoke about getting ready for release on the eid of ‘Radhey’ I have expressed apprehension. got to know. Salman Khan said, “We are trying our best to release ‘Radhey’ on the occasion of Eid. But if this lockdown continues like this, we will have to release this film on the next Eid.”

If Corona runs out soon, Salman will release the film on Eid

Expressing disappointment, Salman Khan continued, “But if everything opens up, people take care of themselves, wear masks, maintain social distance, don’t violate government-issued guidelines, then Corona It will end soon. If it happens then we release ‘Radhe’ on the occasion of Eid.

Before Corona kills us, we have to finish Corona together – Salman

Furthering his point, Salman said, “If people don’t listen and the corona case escalates, it will create a huge problem not only for the owners of theaters but also for the (daily) laborers of the industry. Things. Once it gets worse. Again like last year. So everyone needs to take it seriously and take special care that we have to get rid of it and move on before the corona virus kills us. “

Significantly, Salman Khan’s Radhe was originally scheduled to be released on the occasion of Eid last year but due to Corona and lockdown, the film was not released on Eid last year.

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