Arshi Khan wrote a massage after being homeless from Bigg Boss 14’s house

Arshi Khan, who made headlines in Bigg Boss 14’s house, has become homeless. Arshi Khan made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss season 14. At home, Arshi Khan also entertained the show’s host Salman Khan with her performance. The audience along with all the family members are also very sad due to being homeless. Recently Arshi Khan wrote a note on Instagram after coming out of the house.

Sharing the note on social media, Arshi Khan wrote, ‘Love you people …. The purpose of my coming to Bigg Boss was to entertain you completely and make a place in my heart. Which I also made. Thank you for your love and respect. Arshi Khan loves you all very much. The most special thing about my journey in the show is my friends. They will stay with me for a lifetime. I love you the most and will miss you. ‘

After this, Arshi Khan again shared a video in the caption, writing, ‘I sincerely pray that the love I have received will not only grow indoors and out and friendship will also grow. I miss all my friends and I think I made all of you laugh and entertain me. I am real and will be real. What can be a better way to crack down on people. ‘

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