Arjun Kapoor helped 30 people with sister Anshula, Arjun Kapoor helped 30 thousand people with his sister Anshula, he said

At the time of the Corona epidemic, the situation in every state of the country is worsening which has spread throughout the country. People everywhere are begging for help. Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor and his sister Anshula Kapoor have donated Rs 1 crore to help the people. By doing this, he helped 30 thousand needy people. Explain that this help has been provided by Arjun through the online celebrity foundation platform ‘Fakind’.

We should help each other in difficult times

Talking about this, Arjun said that, this epidemic has pushed the entire country into the abyss of misery. And it has also encouraged us to move forward and help others. That is why we have helped people through fankind. And I am very happy that we have collected 1 crore rupees in this difficult time.

Helping people with lifelong earnings

Arjun Kapoor also said that, while Arjun also said that, I have invested the proceeds of my entire life in building this platform. And I am proud that through this we will be able to help some forced and needy people.

Migrant workers will also get financial help

We have also given monthly rations to some migrant workers and food rations to people with money. In addition, people have been given hygiene kits to avoid corona. By doing this, my mind is getting a lot of peace today.

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