Anushka Sharma shared the video and explains the reason for not celebrating her birthday, starting a campaign with Virat Kohli

May 1 was the birthday of actress Anushka Sharma. Therefore, his fans congratulated him in his own way through social media. But neither Anushka nor Virat Kohli, who are often active on social media, posted any. Which also made the fans a bit strange.

But now Anushka herself has shared a video and explained the reason for this. Anushka has posted a video on Instagram. In which he explained why he did not celebrate his birthday this time.

Anushka Sharma unhappy with the current situation

At the beginning of the video, Anushka Sharma said thank you to everyone who sent her wishes on her birthday. But at the same time he also said that he is very sad with the current situation in the country and hence he did not celebrate his birthday. He has also shared an important information through this video. He told that he and Virat are going to start a movement soon. To help the corona victims. He will soon share the details of the campaign with fans.

Request people to take care of themselves

On the other hand, Anushka has also requested people through this video to take care of themselves and be safe at home. Anushka is a mother this year. In January, she gave birth to a loving daughter. Which is named Vamika. Not only Anushka but many celebs have come forward to help in this epidemic. Whereas now Anushka is also going to start a campaign soon which will help the people.

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