Anushka Sharma raises her husband Captain as the actress of Surprise Virat Kohli, says again. Video: Anushka Sharma surprised Virat Kohli with his actions

Anushka Sharma dismisses Virat Kohli: Actress Anushka Sharma posted a funny video on Wednesday, in which she can be seen raising her husband Virat Kohli. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Vamika, earlier this year and the actress has recently returned to work. In Wednesday’s video, Anushka can be seen picking up Virat, to which Virat says, “O Teri!”

She does this once and Virat asks her to try again. She tells them not to help. She manages to do it again. He wrote in the post’s caption, “Have I done this.” Right after the video, people commented and cheered a lot.

In the video, you can see that Anushka picked up Virat not once but twice and surprised everyone with his strength. This video of Virat and Anushka is very much liked by the people. Fans are constantly giving their reactions to this. On social media, one user called Anushka Shaktimaan and the other Shaktimaan Ultra Pro Max.

The actress was last seen in the film ‘Zero’ in 2018. He created the ‘Patal Lok’ and ‘Bulbul’ projects for OTT last year.

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