Allu Arjun Accident: Allu Arjun Fabulous Vanity Van Meets With An Accident

Telugu star Allu Arjun had an accident in his vanity van Falcon. Allu Arjun’s makeup team was present in the van at the time of the accident. She was returning from the set of Vanity van Allu’s upcoming film ‘Pushpa’. The film’s set was set in Rampachodavaram, Andhra Pradesh. However, no one was injured in the accident. The local police has registered a complaint of this accident.

According to the Times of India, when the driver of the van applied the brakes, another vehicle hit him from behind. No one has been injured in the incident and a complaint has been lodged at Khammam Rural Police Station. According to a Telangana Today report, Allu Arjun was flying from Rajahmundry after completing the shooting of the film.

The locals were seen taking a selfie with the van

According to the information received, when the news of Falcon’s accident reached the local people, they started gathering there. People saw Allu Arjun’s logo in front of the van and started taking selfies in front of him. Many felt that Allu Arjun could also be in a vanity van. However, this was not the case. Arjun and his team are safe at the moment.

See Allu Arjun’s tweet for vanity van-

Allu’s feelings are associated with Vanity Van

Explain that this vanity van allu is very close and special to Arjun. He bought it in 2019. He has feelings associated with this vanity van. After purchasing this van, he wrote a heart-touching note to his fans on social media and thanked him for making it affordable. He named this vanity van as ‘Falcon’. It costs 7 crores rupees.

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