After the wedding, Dhanashree Verma was seen in an old lenga, which was danced to Parai Hu main song. After the wedding, Dhanashree Verma appeared in a pre-wedding lehenga, danced splendidly

Dhanashree Verma is the dancing queen of social media. Whenever a video of him appears, it goes viral. After the wedding, another dance video of Dhanashree Verma has been uploaded which is making her fans happy. The special thing is that in this dance video, Dhanashree is seen in a pre-wedding lehenga.

Danced and said “I’m an angel”

In Dhanashree’s new video, she is dancing to the song I am an angel. And there his style and swag are visible. She also looks gorgeous in pink and blue lehenga. Even before the wedding, they shared a dance video wearing the same lehenga. Which was quite liked.

The video was uploaded a day ago and has received over 3.5 million likes so far. And it has spread on social media.

Dhanashree and Yuzvendra have returned after celebrating their honeymoon in Dubai

Dhanashree and Yuzvendra Chahal have recently returned from a honeymoon in Dubai. And after that Dhanashree is lost in her dance again. The couple were married on 22 December. However, no one knew this before. Everyone came to know about this wedding only after photos surfaced on social media. Even on the wedding day, Dhanashree performed an amazing dance. She was dancing wearing a red scarf. This video was also shared on Insta after marriage.

Pictures of turmeric were revealed

On the other hand, after the wedding, Dhanashree Verma had recently shared pictures of her turmeric ceremony in which she looked very beautiful. He wore a yellow lehenga while Yuzvendra was also seen in a yellow kurta.

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