Actress Tabu Sister Farah Naaz and Vindu Dara Singh Love Story

Famous actress Farah Naaz of the 90s entered Hindi cinema with Yash Chopra’s film, after which she worked with many great actors of her time. If we talk about his personal life, apart from career, Farah was married to Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh. The journey of their first meeting and marriage was quite filmy.

Farah’s sister Tabu, a well-known name in Bollywood today, insists her sister one day to watch a film, which was called ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. Tabu’s friend Vindu was also present there, Tabu told Farah that Vindu is a big fan of yours. While Vindu arranged tickets for the film and everyone saw the film, it was the first meeting between Farah and Vindu.

Tabu, Vindu and some of their friends used to go to dance classes together. A boy of the same class was working in Farah’s film. The entire class went to meet the boy on the set of the film. As soon as Vindu arrived, he asked Farah, ‘How are you?’ Farah thought he had seen it somewhere, but could not remember. Vindu suddenly asked Farah, ‘When are we getting married?’ Farah was shocked to hear this. Farah took their words as a joke, but Vindoo said, “I’m serious, tell me when we are getting married.” Farah did not respond to his words.

Gradually, Vindu tried to disarm Farah. When Vindu was far behind, Farah went and said yes to him. After dating for 2 years, Farah and Vindu got married in court. However, the two are now separated.

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